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Dead Island Trailer Gets Some Love From Cannes


For those who have inexplicably never seen the Dead Island trailer, or those who simply wish to once again bask in its melancholy glow, you can find it at the provided link.

Yes indeed, According to gamepolitics, "Deep Silver's Dead Island trailer has been awarded a Golden Lion in the Internet Film Lion Category at the 58th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity." Naturally, I'm thrilled. Aside from the fact that it's great to see video game-related media getting some respect from Cannes, Dead Island has one of the best trailers I've ever seen, and has the distinction of being the only trailer that as made me tear up. The video went viral extremely quickly; reaction was almost universally positive, save for a few detractors. One of the more obnoxious complaints was that the trailer was "sick," or simply distasteful, on the grounds that it depicted the death of a little girl. Another, more sensible complaint, is that the trailer contained no real gameplay. Subsequent video has been a bit more straightforward, giving gamers a taste of the game's melee-heavy combat. In my opinion, both criticisms missed the point. It was an art-minded trailer that tugged at one's heartstrings, used the slow-motion, reversed video to great effect and, most importantly, fostered a sudden interest in the title. Then of course, IGN had to post a "Reverse Order (Chronological)" version which was an absolute travesty -- and for that, as much as I shy away from insulting other sites, I offer them two scoops of scorn, and an evil eye to boot.

So congratulations to Axis Animation the hearty Scots who gave us the wonderful Dead Island trailer! Those of us in the "artsy sad-sack" camp appreciate your efforts.

via gamepolitics


Olafur said:

I guess I'm late to the game but that was absolutely beautiful. I hope the game actually plays out like this. One of the most important parts of entertainment for me is the emotional connection between characters and the emotional connection between them an the audience. Pair that with beautiful music and stunning graphics and I'm goo in your hands.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Olafur on Dead Island Trailer Gets Some Love From Cannes: I guess I'm late to the game but that was absolutely beautiful. I hope the game actually plays out like...

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