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Deus Ex E3 Trailer: More Cinematic Goodness

The newest morsel of Deus Ex; Human Revolution gives us everything we expect from a video game trailer: drama, gunfights, and cheesy lines that positively declare "I am a man of great purpose; the powers that be hold no sway over me," spoken by voice actors of varying quality.

The trailer shows that, from a graphics perspective, Human Revolution is still a work in progress -- let's hope so, at least. The cinematics are gorgeous, as is tradition over at Square-Enix, but the real-time rendering - I say that based on assumption, since Killzone 2 reinforced my belief that we live in a world of lies - is fairly spotty. Gameplay performance ranges from silky smooth to jerky, with rough edges and rather unimpressive lighting effects. Granted, this is only a trailer, but what is shown does fit pretty well with recently leaked gameplay footage. Still, I'm looking forward to Human Revolution more for its story than it's pixel count, and still find myself intrigued by what we've been shown. The ethical dilemma surrounding human augmentation (and the overarching theme of transhumanism) is endlessly fascinating, so I'm curious to see how the game will tackle the subject.

Technical quarrels and spotty voice acting aside, the trailer is definitely well-produced, with good pacing, apt demonstrations of Adam's abilities, and enough insight into the story to keep the viewer interested. I'm not rapt with glee just yet, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Human Revolution lives up to the Deus Ex name.

via Joystiq

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