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E3 '11: Hands Off: Fruit Ninja Kinect


I already mentioned this game in the E3 roundup video podcast earlier this week, but one of the games that I had the most fun playing this year was Halfbrick's upcoming Fruit Ninja Kinect. Seriously.

Everybody's heard of Fruit Ninja, but swiping your finger on your phone's touch screen can't compare to actually flailing your arms around like Bruce Lee on crack in front of your TV! The basic game remains the same: slice up the fruit (doing sweeps of multiple pieces will net you combos for higher scores) while avoiding the bombs. Some fruit has bonus powers like setting off a frenzy of bombless fruit to massacre or slowing down time for easier bomb avoidance. And at the end, you slash the eff out of a pomegranate to boost your score even higher.

There are four modes: Arcade, Classic, Zen and Party. Classic is what you're used to, Arcade adds crazy power-ups, and Zen is just fruit (no bombs) for 90 seconds of slashing. Party contains both Battle and Co-Op modes where you can compete or team up with a friend at the same time. And in addition to the local multiplayer, there will also be online leaderboards to compare your ninja prowess with your friends who can't come by for a game. And while you'd think standing next to someone while you both flail around like lunatics would be a recipe for black eyes and other assorted injuries, I played a co-op round and didn't hit my fellow gamer once. (Though I got nervous from time to time!)

There will be Achievements and plenty of unlockables like different backgrounds, blades and shadows. There was a rainbow blade, but the disco one was somehow gayer. And the pixelated shadow was probably the coolest one of those, de-rezzing when you get too close or to far from the Kinect sensor! Fruit Ninja Kinect was an absolute blast, and I can't wait for it to come out so I can have people over for a party and play the heck out of it. Only thing is we still have to wait for Microsoft to schedule it. It's part of the Xbox LIVE Arcade Summer of Arcade... but it isn't dated yet!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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