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E3 '11: Hands Off: Kinect Star Wars


Kinect Star Wars is one of the bigger titles coming to Microsoft's game-starved motion control add-on, so I was very eager to stop my their E3 booth and have a go at it myself. The art style is sort of a more realistic look of the cartoony Clone Wars style, but the game will run the gamut of the Star Wars movies. And while the trailers have shown footage of speederbikes racing through the forest of Endor, the E3 demo only featured two options. One was Jedi Training, which nobody in my group seemed to want to try, although I was told that it's actually kind of cool. Yoda apparently teaches you the ways of the force, and it's kind of zen with the hand motions and making things happen.

No, we all opted for the scene from the press conference where you fight your way through a series of battle droids. I've heard some people complain that they felt a lag in between when they swung their arms and when the lightsaber followed, but I didn't notice anything like that. Maybe because I was just flailing around wildly, slashing at anything that moved. Or because I would more often opt to use the force powers, tossing battle droids off to the side or charging up a blast to knock them over like dominoes. That was very satisfying.

Jumping to flip over a shielded battle droid in order to slash at them from behind and deal damage was easy enough, and although I opted to use Force powers, I did see someone else run up to an enemy and kick them over. In fact, movement was the only part where I felt like the controls were lacking. Basically, you just lean forward slightly in order to dash towards the enemies ahead. Because we were playing two-player in the demo, I wasn't really able to take my time and try out all the nuances of control, so I don't know if turning side to side can help direct you or if you really truly are on rails. It didn't seem like it, though. There was a wide area with enemies, and it seemed as though you were able to turn to face them and dash right up to them to show them your lightsaber up-close and personal.

While I'd prefer that it didn't include anything from the original trilogy, I'm still very excited to play Kinect Star Wars when it releases in time for the holidays. I was skeptical, but my experience with the demo was surprisingly fun. I can't lie!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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