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E3 '11: Hands On: BurgerTime World Tour


One of my favorite classic arcade games (I was seriously excited to play the actual arcade machine at this year's PAX East) is making a return with a next-gen coat of polish. That's right, BurgerTime World Tour is heading to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network, as well as WiiWare and PC! (The Wii version will have only local splitscreen multiplayer while the others will go online as well.)

You can play with one to four players in three different modes: Burger Battle, Rocket Race and Co-Op. There's going to be around 50 different levels, all with actual bosses this time around, but there will also be downloadable characters and stages later on. Oh, and the Wii and 360 versions will let you play as your Mii/Avatar, which is pretty fun.

I don't know how I feel about boss battles, but the level that I got to play a little bit of felt like classic Burger Time to me, even though it was now rendered in 3D polygons. The level was cylindrical, so as you moved from left to right, the stage turned on its axis appropriately. It's a little much to take in at first, but you adjust quickly. And besides, having it be a flat series of platforms and ladders would be lame in this day and age.

Even with the new-fangled graphics, what I played was just like the old days, peppering giant eggs and sausages with feet so you can run up the ladder and drop a giant slice of tomato on top of them. It's still fun! Oh, and I was told that for the bosses, you can make specific burgers that will deal more damage. You know, making sure that certain ingredients (read: enemies) are trapped inside the burger with the usual enemies. So I'm really looking forward to BurgerTime World Tour when it comes out later this summer!



Keith said:


Wootini said:

Okay, "current gen." Is that better? But compared to how you're used to playing BurgerTime, it's definitely NEXT gen! :-D

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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