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E3 '11: Hands On: Crush 3D

23005CRUSH3D - Announcement screen 03.jpg

I never played Crush on the PSP, but having seen it on the 3DS, I can't imagine a more perfect home for the trippy little puzzler than Nintendo's little 3D handheld. Crush 3D is a remastered version of the original game, where you become trapped in your own mind and have to use the ability to switch between 2D and 3D planes of existence to solve puzzles and reach the end of the level. So having the 3D levels actually be in 3D helps with figuring out the perspective you need.

If you're not familiar with the game, it's like this: There are two platforms floating too far away to jump from one to the other. So what you do is angle the camera so that they kind of line up and switch to 2D. They'll join together to form one long platform from that perspective, and you can just walk across before switching back to 3D to find yourself on the other floating platform. Okay, it's really hard to explain as it turns out, but I had to try.

Like any puzzler, it walks you through tutorial levels before letting you off on your own. And like any puzzler, it's easy to earn but hard to master. I played through some of the tutorial levels that introduced the basic concepts and then the more advanced ones like moving objects within levels. In order to open the exit to a level, a certain number of marbles must be collected, but there are also other things to collect like trophies and books. So while you can simply race through to the exit of a level, it takes a lot more thought and skill to figure out the pathways to the bonus and hidden objects.

It sort of made my brain hurt, and not from the 3D effect! But like a good puzzle game, the solution is there, and when you figure it out, that light bulb moment feels so good. There was actually more demo to play, but I had to put it down because I had appointments to make and other games to play. But Crush 3D is definitely a game I will want to check out when SEGA releases this fall.

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Super Swede said:

As someone who played Crush on the PSP, i'm very happy about this. The original was pretty fun, but often times the puzzle solving seemed more like guesswork than anything, and it was one of those seemed like a game that, upon the announcement of the 3DS, i was hoping they would bring over.

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Super Swede on E3 '11: Hands On: Crush 3D: As someone who played Crush on the PSP, i'm very happy about this. The original was pretty fun, but often...

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