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E3 '11: Hands On: A Couple Random PS3 Move Games


Although I really only wanted to try the Sony PlayStation Vita, I found myself checking out a couple of Move titles just because they were there and I was curious. The first was Dance Star Party, because as you know, I love me some dancing games! The problem was that since this was a PlayStation Move title, you're really just waving the wand around so it plays more like Just Dance on the Wii. Which means that I never felt like I really had to do the rest of the choreography since it was only tracking the controller. Of course, I did try to do all the moves, matching the on-screen real-life dancer. One of this game's unique features is that it records photos and 30 seconds of video of your best moments that you can save and upload to Facebook and/or Twitter if you're feeling confident (or want to embarrass your friends). I still prefer the full-body tracking of the Kinect, but this could still be a good dance title... if you only have a PS3. It all comes down to song selection in these games anyway, and a full track list hasn't yet been revealed.

Later, I also found myself drawn to the adorable little critters of EyePet & Friends. In this latest outing for the franchise, they've really gone overboard on the customization. While your pet's face remains the same, you can change everything from the style, color, length and pattern of their fur while also dressing them up in all kinds of clothing items that are also fully customizable themselves. Seriously. I dressed mine up in a Frankenstein head that I'd painted with a rainbow. There's also mini-games that you play with your pets. I tried one where they rode a little toy bulldozer that I steered around the screen to pick up balls that they would then toss into a basket to score points. And this all happens in Augmented Reality where you are playing with your EyePets on your coffee table or floor. My only complaint was that it was kind of awkward using the Move controller when the camera is aimed at the table like that. I would forget that I couldn't hold the controller up in front of me and had to keep it low enough that the camera would pick it up. But those things are seriously adorable, and I don't know how I've managed to resist them up to now. (Maybe because I don't yet have a Move...)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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