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Full List Of L.A. Noire Credits Makes The Net


Kotaku pointed me to Gamespot Australia, where I learned about A team working with Team Bondi employees has put together a definitive list of credits of a game six years in the making. A daunting task, but as the anonymous developer of the website put it.

"...The main reason we wanted to do this was so that we could use L.A. Noire's obviously large profile to ensure that future developers, both in Australia and overseas, can use our story as an example. Especially those new to the industry, who might not be immediately aware of how credit practices work."

Credit is always a murky area when a few hundred people work on a project, but I believe full credits should be included on disc in every game produced. And hopefully this will be a nice heads up that it's possible to pull off a beefy credits list for a long it should be worth trying. For more details on the website visit the link below, or head there directly with the link above. Maybe give it a Facebook spread a little awareness about the great effort that went into a great game.

L.A. Noire Devs Shunned From Credits? [via Gamespot AU]

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