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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 5/30/2011


  • Minecraft Monday featured a visit to the Twilight Piglet.

  • Wootini talked a bit about his hopes and dreams for this year's E3 in his video podcast.

  • Then he and NaviFairy listed their top 5 most anticipated games and systems for the Expo.

  • Vorpal Bunny visited the Computerspielemuseum, a computer game museum, in Germany.

  • Nintendo is set to roll out their 3DS e-store with free copies of Excitebike 3D and a Pokedex 3D app.

  • GayGamer made it into the top 20 of Wikio's game site rankings, and we have you to thank.

  • This week's Audio File Friday featured Hideo, a videogame and anime inspired theater performance.

  • Wootini said goodbye to a chatty mime in this week's Animal Crossing Diary.

[Image via @WootiniGG]

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