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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 6/06/2011


  • Well E3 happened. Check out the coverage in our archives, but the big news is probably the Nintendo WiiU and its touchscreen controllers, Sony's NGP becoming the Playstation Vita, and Microsoft's Kinect Fist Bump. Expect more reports from our two attendees, NaviFairy and Wootini, next week.

  • Minecraft Monday discussed the revelation that the game would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade at some point this year.

  • Henshin A Go Joe reviewed Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the Xbox 360.

  • Super Swede isn't quite convinced they'll pull off a multiplayer Silent Hill.

  • Hal thinks that the 3DS and WiiU are Nintendo's response to Apple's line of products.

  • Audio File Friday featured Angela Aki, the artist behind Final Fantasy XII's theme, Kiss Me Goodbye.

  • Wootini has a short week in the Animal Crossing Diary, but he did meet a goat.

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