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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 6/13/2011


  • E3 coverage continued all week, so check out our archives for a complete list of related articles.

  • If you don't have time for all those words, check out this week's video podcast, featuring our two expo-goers Wootini and NaviFairy.

  • Henshin A Go Joe handled reviews for a couple of older games, one from a bit further in the past than the other: Wheelman and Portal 2.

  • VorpalBunny guested on Popmatter's Moving Pixels Podcast to discuss all forms of inclusivity in games.

  • FaePuck shared some thoughts about how core gamers might respond to the Wii U.

  • Meanwhile Super Swede wanted you to know why he's looking forward to the Playstation Vita.

  • The Toronto GayGamers showed their pride.

  • Wootini was still catching up from his time away, and ran into a bull who pretended not to know him in this week's Animal Crossing Diary.

[Comic via: Three Word Phrase]

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