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Kirby Returns To The Wii (Video)

When I get home from the daily grind, I want a game that will give me one of two things: The ability to destroy all that is beautiful with untold malice, or a carefree romp through the fields of adorable, with all the whimsical colors and myriad cuteness one can reasonably fit into a game - at least until the player is actually transformed into an anime schoolgirl who yells "Kirby!!" and makes a peace sign whilst giggling. Despite the highly-interesting art style of Kirby's Epic Yarn - incidentally, said title played like a 60's propaganda film about "The LSD" - I welcome a return to the more traditional art style. Ever since discovering Kirby's Dream Land on the original Game Boy, back when I was but a wee lad, I've been a fan of everyone's favorite anthropomorphic marshmallow. It harkens back to the child in all of us, and for this reason, I've always enjoyed the series.

The trailer is rather brief, but it does showcase some of the returning characters, the aforementioned classic gameplay, and some of Kirby's abilities. Oh yes, there's also a preposterously gigantic sword (eat your heart out, Cloud), which, on principle, I am stridently in favor of - never mind the ability to team up with some classic characters, bringing a level of cute that will no doubt cause this Grinch's heart to grow three sizes in a single sitting.

Sadly I am without a Wii, so I anticipate a timely visit to my sisters house upon Kirby's release, greeting her with the words, "The next several hours will be spent playing Kirby. You may participate if you wish; otherwise, you may watch from a discreet distance."

Kirby: Like a hug made of sunshine.

video via Destructoid

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