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Minecraft Monday: I Love The Subway


Sigil has gotten bigger. A lot bigger. With the number of towns around the spawn point ever expanding (we've got Sky Town, Creepertown, Lavatown, and Fountaintown, just to name a few) and all manner of castles, monuments, pyramids, invertamids and more, warping, walking, and riding a pig have each become incomplete answers for our transportation woes. Thankfully, intrepid builders have created a maze of subway tunnels to ferry players to and fro. One of the other players asked me to check out his construction at the end of one of the longer lines, and I was pretty amazed.

Read on, after the jump.


Just north of Sky Town is the western terminus of Gooserd's long and winding subway. This is, no kidding, one of the longest subway lines I've been on in Sigil - and there are some epic subway trips in Sigil. To make the route a bit more exciting, Gooserd has thrown in a taste of Indiana Jones, with underground waterfalls, trips across lakes of lava, steep drops and rises, and even a mushroom farm. It definitely makes the trip go by a lot faster. But the real surprise came when I got to my destination.


Many gamers, me included, try to force a design from the real world into the Minecraft world when they build. Sometimes the results are spectacular; sometimes it just looks like a bunch of blocks. Gooserd, on the other hand, has really taken to the constraints of the game, using right angles and flat planes rather than trying to build around them. Check out the solid colour sculptures above, or, for a more functional example, his workshop, below:


Check out the clean lines and delightfully boxy design. Were it just a square, this workshop would be ho-hum; however, the off-set floors and band of sandstone draw together the minimalist aesthetic without referencing anything outside of the game. You don't have to know what anything looks like in the real world to appreciate this design. Great work.


That great aesthetic carries on in to the inside of the building. This sure doesn't look like any workshop I've ever seen, but it works perfectly and looks great in Minecraft. But as with anything, it's the little touches that bring everything together. In this room, it's the fireplace that becomes the focal object, as it is the sole moving element in the room beside the player. And even though it references an element outside the game, the design of it isn't forced at all.


If the design is what impressed me most about Gooserd's place, the attention to detail is what lingers when I leave. Check out the water feature above. One square of water hemmed in by a tree and sandstone tiles, tricking the game in to letting blocks of water stand in defiance of gravity. This is made by someone who clearly appreciates the mechanics of the game, and is working them as well as anyone I've met yet.

I never thought I'd be doing architectural review when I started Minecraft Monday. I thought I'd be gushing about how cool big builds are, writing up tips about how to make crazy constructions, and showing off pictures of adventures into the wilderness. While I've certainly done those things and look forward to doing more, the articles have turned in to a lot more (and a lot more work) than I thought they would be. Which is fantastic. Frankly, Sigil is packed with so much superb creativity that upon finishing one article I don't know where to start with the next. It's an embarrassment of riches, and one I'm quite glad to have.

Thanks to Gooserd for letting me gush about his creations and, as always, if you have any build, server, or video you'd like featured here, just email me.


LordoftheAvenue said:

I had the grand tour not too long ago with Gooserd, I was amazed and he had a real effect on how I should plan my own constructions.

AgentPolo083 said:

His work is make me think a digitized Frank Lloyd Wright.

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AgentPolo083 on Minecraft Monday: I Love The Subway: His work is make me think a digitized Frank Lloyd Wright....

LordoftheAvenue on Minecraft Monday: I Love The Subway: I had the grand tour not too long ago with Gooserd, I was amazed and he had a real effect...

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