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Minecraft Monday: News Roundup

As many Minecrafters may already know, pistons have been the big news out of the impending release of beta 1.7. When I first heard of them I wasn't too impressed. So...we can make combustion engines now? Then I saw the video and my mind started buzzing. The possibilities for channeling water or lava...for doors, for hidden entrances. This could be very, very cool indeed. And, it will likely mollify me given that the long-rumoured "adventure mode" has been officially pushed to a distant release of 1.8. Apparently, the gang at Mojang just has too much to work on to get it up to scratch, so it goes once again to the edges of our radar.

So far, we know that adventure mode will include massive underground caves featuring elements that already exist in the game tweaked to provide a more traditional game-like experience. This will be part of the regular game, and not a separate element, like survival vs creative mode.

Still to come, but which Notch has only hinted at, are sky maps featuring islands floating above the clouds, "integrating single player and multiplayer" (wouldn't it be lovely to have a Nether portal or sky portal to take you to and from your single player map and multiplayer map...or from one server to another?), friend lists, and the mod api. Oh, and whatever Notch is referring to when he tweeted this spoiler.

Beta 1.7 is slated to drop soon, and then 1.8 may be the last major update until the game goes final in November.

As always, we'll update you when we hear more.

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