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Most Telltale Games 75% Off


If you head over to the Telltale Games Store, the company is celebrating their 7th birthday by giving you a present - 75% off almost everything they've got. The banner says the sale doesn't start til Monday June 6th, but it looks like they've given us a head start: just add an item to your cart to see the discounted price. The main exceptions seem to be Back to the Future and the preorder for Puzzle Agent 2, but otherwise it looks like the rest of their seasons and stand-alones are getting that big discount. That includes the relatively recent Hector: Episode 1, which you can grab for only $2.50, in case you've ever wanted to play a game starring a fat guy in stained tighty-whiteys.

Merchandise is on sale too, if you're in the market for books or shirts. There's a lot of really good deals in there, so take a look if there's anything you've been putting off. The sale's going on all month, til June 30th, so you can either take your time and decide what you really want, or just jump in and start playing stuff now. Well, for the game downloads at least. For actual, physical stuff I'd imagine you'll want to pick those up sooner than later, or run the risk of everything selling out.

7th Anniversary 75% Off Sale [Telltale Games]

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