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Rumor: Microsoft Registers Some Domains Ahead Of E3, Partners With Disney For Kinect


According to Superannuation, a list of new domains registered by the company may hint at some of their E3 announcements. The list of what was found includes Dance Central 2, Kinect Fun Labs, Fable: The Journey, Kinect Sports Season 2, and XCommerce. Sequels to Dance Central and Kinect Sports aren't huge surprises, and it's possible that Kinect Fun Labs might have something to do with that Kinect Googly Eyes trademark that was floating around for a while. Fable: The Journey will probably be a spin-off from the main series, and there's a good chance that it will feature some of the Kinect tricks that Peter Molyneux's team learned from Milo. That leaves XCommerce. I'm guessing it doesn't have anything to do with the XCom reboot that Take Two is working on, so maybe it's some kind of new Xbox-based marketplace?

Superannuation also revealed a whole bunch of Kinect domains all related to Disney, Disneyland, and the Magic Kingdom. Disney games? Demo kiosks in the theme parks? Interactive rides based on Kinect technology? The URLs aren't particularly revealing, but it could be a feather in Microsoft's cap, at least if they're trying to get families on board with the technology.

Anyway, we don't have long to wait to find out exactly what's up, as Microsoft will be giving their E3 presentation tomorrow morning. Anything jump out from the list? All I can say is that I hope Harmonix sees this video and does what they can do to put the choreography into Dance Central 2 completely unchanged. I have no idea if Kinect is capable of tracking floor humping, but I've got my fingers crossed.


That Diamond membership, that had been rumored, it's real.

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theblackgecko on Rumor: Microsoft Registers Some Domains Ahead Of E3, Partners With Disney For Kinect: That Diamond membership, that had been rumored, it's real.

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