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Target's Weekend Deal On The Kinect/360 Bundle


If you've been holding off on purchasing a Xbox 360, and you're intrigued by the Kinect, Target's weekend deal is quite an attractive one indeed. Through Sunday, consumers can pick up the 360/Kinect bundle which, as an added bonus, includes a $100 Target gift card. The bundle runs $299, and includes a 4GB Xbox 360, the Kinect itself, and a copy of Kinnect Adventures. It's a great deal for the money, and a nice way to start your 360 library, especially since some older (but still excellent) titles find themselves generously discounted.

Still, Target's recent history has left a bad taste in the mouths of GLBT (and GLBT-friendly) consumers. The Minneapolis-based company faced fierce criticism during Minnesota's gubernatorial campaign, when it donated $150,000 to MN Forward, a conservative PAC that supported Tom Emmer. The Republican candidate was seen as quite socially conservative, proposing an amendment to the state constitution that would forbid recognition of any marriage other than "between one man and one woman." Emmer lost, but the anti-gay marriage amendment will be put on the 2012 ballot, with Target's CEO stating that the company will remain neutral on the prospective ban.

Unfortunately, one is faced with the depressing reality that right-wing bigots are those most likely to be "business friendly" -- i.e. willing to shovel piles of money down the collective gullet of large corporations, until their stomachs burst in a thundering cash-splosion that can be heard across the Atlantic -- so depending on the degree of one's cynicism, supporting Target over any other giant retailer may or may not be an issue.

via Joystiq

A brief (or not so brief) aside awaits you after the jump!

On a personal note, as the official Minnesotan of GayGamer, I feel a long-overdue apology is in order. Whether it's Target's unsavory political contributions, Bachmann and her Charlie Manson eyes - never mind the portable Thorazine drip that keep that banshee from shrieking about "the opening of the Fourth Seal" in public - or Tim Pawlenty and his drivel about the Obammunist peril tearing asunder of all that is right and good about America (see "constantly waving flags and fearing brown people" for further clarification), Minnesota's name has been thoroughly dragged through the mud. Once a forgettable little flyover state, these weasels have made my Midwestern Motherland the prime exporter of "batsh*t insane," and frankly, I'm sick to death of it. Believe it or not, we are, at our core, a highly progressive people - at least, in the metro area. Minneapolis is known for its Pride Festival -- strangely enough, Target is a donor, due to the fact that gays and lesbians have wallets too the company maintains a commitment to respect and diversity - and Minneapolis was recently profiled on the Daily Show (link NSFW), much to my amusement as "the gayest city in America." We do in fact have a thriving GLBT community - having been a bit of a traveler in my youth, I'm particularly aware of the prevalence of "out and proud" gays and lesbians - and the remarkable thing is that in spite of it all, no one really seems to notice. This is part of the reason I have such a sincere love of the city; it's like an odd little window into what things will be like after the ugliness of homophobia (largely) passes - when social progress forces us out of our collective psychosis and we finally discover that, against all odds, we have nothing to fear from the loss of our national bigotry.

As always, here's to hoping.


Shin Gallon said:

I don't care what they sell there, I refuse to buy from Target (or Chick-Fil-A or Best Buy for that matter). Anyone that's going to just turn around and give money to bigots isn't getting my business.

BENWA said:


Skirtz22 said:

If you show Target's price to any Fry's they will beat it by 10%! Thanks Target, I will get your deal without having to spend a dime in your store.

SuperSwede said:


Would that work with this deal though? I ask because I'm condemned to retail purgatory, and at my store they refuse to match gift card offers.

Time4Tiddy said:

I used to work in Target's corporate giving program. They have only been financially supporting Pride for the last three years, after years of getting recognition for volunteer presence alone. Considering that Minneapolis is Target's HQ market, where over $15MM is given to various nonprofits, $15,000 is drop in the bucket blood money from a guilty company with no intention of changing.

jayoshi said:

I don't know where to shop anymore. It seems like every company donates some money to a nonprofit that hates us gays. Best Buy is news to me. I didn't know we were boycotting them. With Circuit City being gone where else do I go for my electronics? Is Radio Shack still safe or our we boycotting them as well?

I'm one of those gays that you guys probably look down on because I really don't have the time to worry about every little bit of money a company gives to a nonprofit. So fight the good cause and I'll be over here not worrying about where I can and cannot shop. I'm a horrible human, I know.

TangeryneBear said:

@ jayoshi
you made my day! It seems that you may be one of the only humans left with a brain. not mindlessly holding onto the coattail of the mob. just make your own decisions.

I'm kinda disappointed when just looking for game news and good deals, i get a rant about the merchandiser themselves.

Mike said:


I still shop at Target too, because I honestly just prefer the store over Walmart or anything else in the same category (plus, my Target seems to be primarily staffed by gay guys for some reason), but I understand why some people choose not to spend their money there. With that said, I don't really understand your attitude over this article. Super Swede didn't tell you not to shop there anymore, no one said in their comments that you couldn't shop there, only that they themselves don't shop there and they had specific reasons why.

This is a gay themed news site, catering to a gay audience, relating a piece of information that involves gay issues. If the discussion of that is something you find to be unwelcome, then why not get your video game news on IGN? No ill will, honestly, I just truly don't understand it how people can get so upset over an opinion or preference.

Skirtz22 said:

Superseded, if you can show the Target price at Fry's they say they will honor it!

To the folks that would rather not be bothered with 'Boycotts'... to put it simply....sadly who is elected DOES matter and it does have an impact on your wallet. My partner and i are paying $20,000 less per year in taxes because we are married. That is a lot of video games I can buy from places other than Target.

We were one of the 18,000 couples to we'd in Cali. Just raise your awareness and awareness of those important to you is all anyone can do! I don't want to be militant either, but sadly it does make a difference, :)


SuperSwede said:

Well, it's the nature of business not to take a side, per se, instead keeping a laser focus on what's going to result in the most of that delicious, delicious green at the end of the day. Theoretically this is supposed to keep companies from acting capriciously – they don't want to alienate a particular swatch of consumers – but every now and again, the promise of the big money is far too attractive to pass up. In the case of Minnesota, that meant supporting a homophobic candidate. Now I, and undoubtedly most people, don't think that the Target Corporation is homophobic; I think that they, like any company, are fundamentally and essentially amoral (not to be confused with immoral). It's a machine for making profit, and any large company that tells you differently is simply advertising. Now don't get me wrong, the individuals within a particular corporation may are a different story – they have their own beliefs, principles, and pet causes -- but the overarching, collective consciousness simply has no interest in advocacy, at least nothing beyond the tepid business-speak of “we value the diversity of our team members” or “all are welcome in our store.” And arguably, this is the way it should be, with the fundamentally amoral nature of business, annoying as it may be at times, being far preferable to organizations driven by the whims of sentiment.

But again, companies do step over the line and, while principally supporting whatever benefits their bottom line, end up passively supporting bigotry. In such instances, one should deliver a blow to the one place the business can feel pain: its bottom line. For this reason, I can easily see why a boycott makes sense: It's a punishment for bad behavior -- a message, however small, that a company's actions do have consequences. I haven't shopped at Target in ages (if thrift shops had a frequent shopper program, I would be rich), so as to whether nihilism or indignation would prevail in my case, I can't say. So as much as a cop-out as it may seem, I think that ultimately it's up to the individual to determine for himself or her to determine what side, if any, to take on the issue of a boycott.

jayoshi said:


I'm sorry if it seemed like I had a negative attitude towards this article. I was actually commenting on what others were saying in this comment section. Yes, no one told me that I didn't have to shop at target but if you notice, I never said anyone was stupid or a mindless sheep for boycotting any store. I also didn't say that they shouldn't boycott and that they should shop wherever they want to. I just said how I felt about it, just like what other people on here did. I also wasn't upset about others opinions but it seems like you were upset by mine. So I'll stick with this site and not move on to IGN or whatever site you may suggest for me. It's nice that you care so much to tell me where I should be reading articles about video games but I think I can decide that on my own. Take care.

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