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Unnamed BioShock Game Coming To The NGP


A lone cry emanates from my right pocket -- ricocheting off the walls, assailing me from every conceivable direction, like a cacophonous death wail. It is the cry of my wallet. Word has come down that Ken "He with the Greatest Beard" Levine has announced that BioShock will be bravely, and dare I say enterprisingly, making its way onto the NGP -- presumably with a grand sense of purpose. No details were announced during Sony's press event, with Levine stating only that it was a "pet project" of Irrational Games that had been around for some time, and that the game would be "set in the BioShock universe."

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm a huge fan of BioShock. Any title that can tackle a subject as inflammatory as Objectivism without resorting to preaching -- i.e. "Ayn Rand is a monster," or conversely, "wouldn't it be great if we were all psychopaths" - positively tickles my fancy. Even with a game like Deus Ex, which has a clear message, it's much more interesting to explore a particular ideology or power structure - probing its contradictions and letting events play out as naturally as the creator sees fit - treading into the murky waters of moral detachment, rather than condescending to players with crude simplicities. It's more clever, more engaging, and in my view, a much more intelligent and interesting way of immersing a player in a political story.

Overall, it's an encouraging sign for the NGP. With BioShock and Uncharted coming to the system, it's wonderful to see that some developers are shirking the rather lackluster "portable games" market, and delivering games that, while perhaps not on the level of their console counterparts, nonetheless set the bar higher than we have come to expect. One of my chief complaints with portable gaming is that it seems to be a dumping ground for mediocre titles (being a PSP owner, I fully realize that there are some gems, but still), so it's nice to see that there are at least a handful of people bucking the trend.

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Im starting to think perhaps a Wii S&M game should be invented. Little plastic nipple clamps. Its genius, itll sell millions. Especially in Japan!

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Rosalind Swanberg on Unnamed BioShock Game Coming To The NGP: Im starting to think perhaps a Wii S&M game should be invented. Little plastic nipple clamps. Its genius, itll sell...

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