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Want To Check If LulzSec Outed Your Info?


For all its touch screens and space whales, the future can still be a scary place. Perhaps all this hacking has made you concerned that someone is going to get a hold of your passwords and order 40 boxes of tampons or a bunch of Call of Duty DLC. The kind folks at Gizmodo are offering you a tiny bit of piece of mind, letting you check your email address against a list of ones that have been released by hacking collective du jour LulzSec. Now not finding your address on the list doesn't mean you're in the clear - they're probably sitting on a bunch of other usernames and passwords that could get out at any time, but it may buy you some breathing room before a shipment of frozen steaks arrives at your house.

If this spate of hacks has taught me anything, it's that I've got usernames and passwords freaking everywhere, and I've done a really poor job keeping track of them all. Until Gawker got hacked, I had completely forgotten about making two or three comments on Kotaku years ago, and had no recollection of the password I would have used. Same thing with the Sega Pass this week, which I signed up for to grab the Bayonetta demo back in 2009 and then totally forgot about until a plaintive email showed up in my box. Luckily I go through spates where I change all my important passwords pretty regularly, but who knows what's really safe at this point.

Find Out if Your Passwords Were Leaked by LulzSec Right Here [Gizmodo]

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