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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, I'm still working on getting Narnia back in shape after my week away, and now I have to go away again! Can you believe it? At least this time it's just for an extended weekend, so it won't be as bad. (I hope!) Anyway, I think I've noticed some hybrid flowers growing back in some of the bare patches, but it might just be my imagination. Oh, and while Derwin made some stink about leaving town last week, I got through the whole week with no more talk of it, so I think he's changed his mind. I went to his house the very next day to make sure he wasn't still going anywhere, and saw that none of his stuff was packed, so I figured that was a good sign. And now it's a week later and he's still around. So that's nice!


Of all my friends in Narnia, Freya was the last one I expected to notice my absence. But I guess she did! That's awful sweet of her. Oh, and yes, Freya's always fabulous. It's like a rule or something.


Okay, you know how none of the animals wear pants in Narnia? Well, normally it doesn't bother me because I honestly don't really pay any attention. At least until this week when I saw Violet walking away from me. I know it's not the best photo, but seriously — put on some pants! I don't need to see gorilla butt!


Last, but not least, I went into the city to check the black market for paintings (another double — so obviously a fake!), and ran into an old friend. I was thrilled to see him, but apparently when you move out of Narnia, they do some kind of mind wipe or something that erases your memory of all your friends. I truly wish that when you run into former villagers in the city that they would remember you, but I guess it was not to be. At least not in this town. Maybe the next one.

But I remember you, Rodeo... *sniff!*


Yogizilla said:

Man, I am WAY out of the loop with Animal Crossing. The last time I seriously played was back on the Gamecube. I loved it but I hated that it required daily play, which I can't afford with my busy schedule. I have the same problem with "sticky sites" but that's for another time...

Animal Crossing has certainly come a long way.. But it seems there are still little nuances that make you go, "Errrmmm?" Former villagers not remembering you was one of my issues. There's little incentive for interacting with NPCs if they do not keep track of former interactions and habits.

Are weeds still a big problem? I tell ya: I had some of the sassiest residents in my old village. The slightest eye sore made them want to leave - and they made sure I was aware of their intentions! Bastages.

Maybe I'll get a Wii again and mess around with the new Animal Crossing... Love this diary - I LOLed quite a bit! =oD

Wootini said:

Thanks! I've been doing this for so long I don't really know if anyone's still paying attention!

Yes, weeds pop up every single day. It seems like two a day, but I've never noticed that villagers will move out because there's lots of weeds. It's more that you don't talk to them or send them letters or presents or anything. If you ignore them, they will leave. (Unless you really want them to go, in which case they will somehow know this, and stick around FOREVER!) ;-)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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