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Xbox LIVE Summer Of Arcade Dated And Priced!


Summer is upon us, and while that means sun, beaches and unbearable heat, it can also mean gaming with Xbox LIVE's Summer of Arcade! It kicks off this year on July 20, and here's what to expect, and what you can expect to pay for them:

July 20 Bastion (1200 MS Points)
July 27 From Dust (1200 MS Points)
August 3 Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (1200 MS Points)
August 10 Fruit Ninja Kinect (800 MS Points)
August 17 Toy Soldiers: Cold War (1200 MS Points)

Plus, when you buy all five Summer of Arcade titles, you'll get a free copy of Crimson Alliance, which is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade on September 7 for 1200 MS Points. Personally, I'm just glad to finally have a date for Fruit Ninja Kinect, which was some of the most fun I had at E3 this year. And it's cheaper than the others, to boot! Bonus!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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