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Audio File Friday 'Alex Kresovich'


Another week another Audio File Friday. And this week I'm bringing back everyone's favorite genre: HIP-HOP.

Take a moment, I know it's been a while.

It seems like ages ago that I showcased Team Teamwork's hip-hop/gaming mash-ups. From Final Fantasy 7, to Ocarina of Time, to assorted 16-bit classics Mr. Teamwork took the pillars of classic gaming scores, transformed them them into top notch hip-hop beats, and laid popular verses on top of them.

Flipboitamidles took a similar approach with some of his Square-Enix centric mashups.

But Teamwork and Flipboi aren't the only names in the hip-hop/gaming mashup scene, in fact this week's featured artists got a rare shoutout from Mr. Teamwork himself.

Introducing Alex Kresovich.

From his official website:

Alex Kresovich (born in Harlingen, Texas on August 28, 1986), is an American hip-hop music producer from Ithaca, NY. Alex has produced songs for Grammy nominee Remy Ma and underground acts across the nation including S-Caliber (Harlem, NY), Kwame Darko (Bethesda, Maryland), PHZ-Sicks (Woodbridge, VA), and Blaze Rock (Phoenix, AZ).

Upon moving to New York while in high school Alex became infatuated with hip-hop music, and even released an album his senior year titled 'I Wouldn't Buy Thi$.' In college he began producing his own beats and exploring different styles so as not to pigeonhole himself as an East Coast-style producer.

His accomplishments are many, including his aforementioned production credits, having spent studio time with the legendary Jay-Z, working with Island Def Jam Music Group, dancing with pre-red weave Rihanna, and releasing another album in 2007 which saw National radio play. Singles off this record, titled 'Crown Prince', were even featured on in-store CDs at American Eagle and Hollister Co. clothing stores.

But the reason he's being featured here at is because of a little project he released in 2010: Alex Kresovich in... Gold N' Fly: 007.

Yes. You guessed right. This young man took one of the most legendary first person shooters of all time, starring one of the biggest entertainment icons of all time, and turned its score into a hip-hop album.

Kresovich leaves the original Golden Eye score largely untouched, using kicks, snares, and drums to transform them into beats, and looping them when needed. It takes a skilled producer to not overwork a sample to the point where it's unrecognizable, and Alex is one such producer. He keeps the core of the original sample and then comes in himself to bedazzle the rest.

With each of the album's twenty two tracks Kresovich intelligently matches up contemporary hip-hop verses with pieces of Golden Eye's score, finding just the right combination each time. Whether it's Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, or he manages to find the perfect fit for each rapper's unique style. Tech N9ne feels right at home with the in your face Intro, Busta's fast fiery flow is perfect with the Silo score, and the Elevator music sounds like it was made for's low key vocals. That's not a knock on I promise.

Some of these pieces were just begging to be turned into hip-hop beats. Look no further than this Jay-Z/Cavern combo:

Or this Twista/Train combo:

Or my personal favorite, this great remix of Jimmy from Degrassi's Drake's 'Forever.'

We've already discussed the Wii "remake" of Golden Eye, but nothing can ever replace the original. Heck it's even a collector's item now! If you've still got your copy I hate you why not pop it into your N64 and give this album a listen while you do?

You can get your copy of Gold N' Fly at Kresovich's official website, and while you're there you can read more about this talented young producer. You can also follow him on twitter, like him on facebook, and check out his non-gaming related work.

That about wraps it up for this week's Audio File Friday. Feel free to begin leaving snarky anti-hip-hop comments, but feel free to leave the positive pro-hip-hop ones as well. I know I can't be the only hip-hop lovin' homo on this site. Forever alone?



AgentPolo083 said:

I'm not the biggest hip hop fan, but these are pretty awesome. Keep up with the great finds for audio file Friday.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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AgentPolo083 on Audio File Friday 'Alex Kresovich': I'm not the biggest hip hop fan, but these are pretty awesome. Keep up with the great finds for audio...

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