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Capcom Sneak Peek: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record


I know a lot of people had a massive crush on the hero of Dead Rising, hot daddy Frank West. And they may have been a little disappointed to see that the sequel starred some blonde guy named Chuck Greene. (I thought he was actually a little hotter than Frank, but YMMV!) So anyone who boycotted Dead Rising 2 because it didn't star Frank West can rejoice, because Capcom is releasing Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, which stars everyone's favorite hunky photojournalist.

Off The Record isn't an alternate perspective on the events of Dead Rising 2 as seen through Frank's eyes. No, in fact, it's like an alternate reality where Dead Rising 2 simply starred Frank West instead of Chuck Greene! Now while this means that the bulk of the game will be essentially the same, there will new material such as additional areas to explore, and obviously the camera system will be back so you can get all those points for snapping erotic zombie pics for the papers.

I played a little bit of one of the new stages, which was a space-themed amusement park full of zombies called Uranus Zone. There were plenty of oddball weapons, like the cryo chamber that you can hit them with until you want to drop it on someone's head. At that point, it shoots the zombie up into the sky and freezing nitro or something shoots out of the jets and freezes the nearby zombies on the ground. They break real good! You can also lure them into rides and have the giant swinging pirate ship take care of them if you'd rather. As always, it's only limited by your creativity. (Also, as you can see from the screenshots, you can also play dress-up!)

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is due out this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Oh, and since it's kind of a re-imagining of a game that's already out, it'll be bargain-priced at $39.99.


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