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Co-op Campaign Available In Uncharted 3 Beta Today


You guys, only four more days of the Uncharted 3 Beta! If you've wanted to check it out, you'd better hurry up, because July 14th will be the last taste of the game you'll get until it's out this fall. For this final lap, Naughty Dog has added a slice of the game's co-op campaign to the beta, as well as a new Yemin map. I wonder if you get to overthrow a dictator? If you've already downloaded the file, just boot it up again and you should be prompted to update the game, which will make the co-op adventure available in the matchmaking menu.

With the beta ending soon, time's also running out for you to grab the bonuses, such as a special avatar reward for Playstation Home and the Treasure Hunter's Starter Pack, which sounds amazing even if I don't have any idea what will be in it. Probably hats! If you make it up to level 25 you'll also score in-game cash when the retail game releases, to give you an even greater advantage over losers who were too busy to bother spending time grinding in the beta. I'm sure everyone will be really impressed, and definitely want to be your friend when they find out how much imaginary money you have.

Uncharted 3 beta begins the end with a co-op campaign [Joystiq]

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