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Harmonix Launches "3,000 Song Giveaway"


Recently, Rock Band's library reached that magical 3,000 mark. Okay, 3,000 doesn't seem tremendously magical, but whatever the reason, Harmonix is celebrating the occasion with their "3,000 Song Giveaway." Now before you think that the company has decided it is simply sick of money, thus sending us headlong world has gone mad and tossing us into a hundred year-long age of darkness in which chaos reigns, cats spend their days committing unspeakable acts of carnality with dogs - reaching its inevitable climax in the form of a supernova as John Lennon rides a golden unicorn into the sun as to the ending of "Hey Jude" echoes throughout the firmament - there's a slight catch. Harmonix is offering the songs in smaller packages to lucky few. Thirty Rock Band enthusiasts will be selected, each receiving 100 download codes for songs (of their choice) from the Rock Band library. Not a bad deal, given that with song downloads running two dollars each, the grand total comes to $200.

Harmonix is offering three ways to enter to win:

  • Enter on Twitter: Follow @RockBand on Twitter and post a tweet with the hashtag #RB3000

  • Enter on Facebook: Visit Rock Band's Facebook page and enter the giveaway posted on the page. Or click here to go directly to the giveaway.

  • Enter on the Forums: Just post a reply in this thread

Unfortunately for our international readers, only U.S. residents are eligible. Full details can be found at the provided link which, coincidentally, is a convenient way to enter for those that are already members of the Rock Band forum. The "3,000 Song Giveaway" can be entered until 11:59 PM (no time zone given, so I would assume Eastern Standard Time) this Thursday. In all likelihood you won't win, but as my friends who constantly lose at the lottery are fond of saying, "You can't win if you don't play" -- or something.


Katie said: is only for Xbox and PS3. I only have a Wii!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Katie on Harmonix Launches "3,000 Song Giveaway": is only for Xbox and PS3. I only have a Wii!...

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