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Game Bois and Joysticks: Romance and Gaming


Games are our passion. Most of us can recite game release dates and describe mechanical gaming innovations as far back as the age we could actually manage a controller or touch screen without toppling over. We are a special niche of geek that is oftimes overlooked by others in our community, making it difficult to make any headway when it comes to romance. And with a stack of AAA titles sitting on your coffee table who has time for love outside of the civil union between you and that hunky Elvan Zombie Priest from WOW? Gaymer romance can be as complex as MvC3's deep combo system so I am here to dispel the myths and legends of Gaymer dating by providing some tips and tricks to make winning (and keeping) that guy less frustrating.

Building on my article "Men In Arms: Gaming With That Special Guy" I will be fielding questions from all manner of Gaymer dating. Do you covet that hunky Rock Band drummer from the college common room but are unsure on how to strike up a conversation? Do you harbor fears your date will flee if you tell him about your fervent obsession with your hard earned gamer score? Ask away! And I will share with you some tidbits of my own years of trudging through the marshlands of dating and decidedly unsuitable suitors. Please send your questions to for a chance to have your questions answered.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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