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Indie Game Summer Uprising Approaching - 25 Finalists Revealed

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While Microsoft has its official Summer of Arcade promotion on the Xbox Marketplace in just a few weeks, indie games will get their own chance to shine during the Indie Game Summer Uprising. Some readers may remember back in December when there was the Indie Winter Uprising, which was hit by some annoying hiccups when not all of the games made it out on time, but ultimately showed some excellent games to represent the indie marketplace.

The Summer Uprising looks to be even bigger and better than the previous one, with nearly 70 games submitted by developers to be one of the 10 games featured during the event. During the past week, a small panel* narrowed that list down to 25 finalists, where developers will vote on which will actually be a part of the Indie Game Summer Uprising event. Actually, developers will only be voting on eight of those 25 finalists, because then the vote turns over to you, the gamers, to pick the final two Summer Uprising games.

Here are the important dates:
August 1-15: Fan voting on the final two Uprising games (can vote from all entries, not limited to 25 finalists).
August 16: Full Indie Game Summer Uprising roster will be revealed.
August 22-September 2: Summer Uprising games released.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I was a member of the panel that narrowed down the 25 finalists. I receive no compensation for it, and in the end it's the developers and fans who pick the final roster, so I don't see this as a conflict of interest.

Follow after the jump for the list of 25 finalists for the Indie Game Summer Uprising.

37 Days to Die

All the Bad Parts

Avaglide 2

Avaglide 2.png

Battle High: San Bruno

Blossom Tales

Cell: Emergence


City Tuesday

Cute Things Dying Violently

Dirchie Kart - World Tour

Doom & Destiny

Dragons vs Spaceships

Katana Land

Mega Shooter 11: Ladies and Power-Ups



Redd: The Lost Temple

Speed Runner

T.E.C. 3001

Take Arms

The Hearts of Men: Throne of Deceit

The Jump Hero

The Spirit of Khon Ep1

Train Frontier Express


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