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Minecraft Monday: Seven Months of Minecraft


Yes, I know. Minecraft has been out longer than seven months...but. As this writer approaches 100 articles, one year of playing Minecraft, and seven months of Minecraft Monday features, he's feeling a bit introspective. With any other game the passage of time might not be such a big deal, but this particular game is different for very salient reasons: Not only is Minecraft built around exploration and accomplishment - meaning that the game, especially online, can be very, very different from one month to the next - but it is also itself constantly changing. When I bought the game there was no ambient light at night, no sandstone, clay, lapis lazuli, pigments, or powered rails, no snow, rain, Nether, wall-climbing spiders, or beds, either. Even the game's lighting system was different. And as these features have been brought in to the game it has changed a great deal.

But more than that, over the past seven months we've featured a lot of talent. From brilliant architects, to boyfriends and artists, Minecraft Monday has shown off a lot of what the game, and gaming culture, can offer when the right people interact with it.

So follow us after the jump for a review of the complete Minecraft Monday archives.


Our first article, on January 17, was a shout-out to gamers for content and, well...not much else. Moving along...


The first regular Minecraft Monday featured Zenuel, a master builder and artist with his own Minecraft-related Youtube channel.


Minecraft Monday: The Valentine's Edition featured a couple playing the game together, and Akerfeldt's rendition of the castle.


Minecraft Monday: Of Gigantic Trees and Texture Packs showed off another Minecraft-playing couple's work, including cliffside castles and tree forts in the sky. Oh, and Minecraft Monday's first pimpsuit. Awesome.


The first Minecraft Mond...errr...Tuesday (what can I say? I'm a busy man), in March, came about at a time of big change in Minecraft, namely the introduction of beds and a new lighting system in the game. We also showed off a video of Minecraft aficionado and DJ deadmau5 burning his adoring fans with lava.


Minecraft Monday: The Awards Edition brought the news of Minecraft's multiple GDC awards, and hinted at a major development to come for the Minecraft Monday series: Sigil.


The Minecraftagotchi Edition was all about the upcoming beta 1.4 (hard to believe we're already looking forward to 1.8) and...wolves!


The Welcome To Sigil edition began chronicling a queer-friendly - hell, queer-run - Minecraft server. Speaking of how things can change drastically in this game, looking at early shots of Sigil compared to strolling around the server now is mind-boggling.


The Seige of Creepertown told the story of how a few intrepid (read: overconfident) explorers got their asses beat Aliens-style by an endless hoard of hissing, exploding monsters that practically ooze out of the darkness.


After a brief hiatus, Minecraft Monday came back with a return to Oz Creepertown, and some of the awesome building projects that had been undertaken there by the first wave of new Sigilites since we started chronicling the server. It also featured the series' second pimpsuit (above).


And then griefers attacked! The only thing worse than creepers are griefers, I swear.


Following the buggy release of 1.6, Sigil's Fearless Leader reech decided it was time for us to all go on vacation. Thus began the Twilight Piglet, where Sigilites go to test out new concepts from new releases that might wreck up their Sigil creations. The freedom of creation and freedom from mods made for some very interesting creations...not the least of which were in the Nether.

In a return to industry news, the E3 edition discussed the revelation that Minecraft would be coming to an Xbox 360 near you - albeit it in a slightly different version than what's already available for computers of all platforms.


Returning to Sigil, I explored the server's subway networks and discovered gooserd's superlative sense of design - a marriage of style and the game's aesthetic that feels exactly right.

Minecraft Monday's most recent news roundup came just before Mojang dropped beta 1.7, including the introduction of pistons - a feature which has allowed for all kinds of marvelous moving creations, and yet another reminder of how enormously the game has changed in just seven months.


Despite all the change, our last Minecraft Monday update brought us back to the essence of the game, and of this series: Gamers of incredible skill. The Snownova Edition introduced a player who creates enormous and entertaining structures - buildings that, like their real-life counterparts, need to be experienced to be understood.

More than just being a clip-show, this retrospective is a celebration of this curious game and the people who play it...and some searching for closure as this series moves forward in to the future. Sigil, and Minecraft itself, for that matter, grows ever larger, ever more complex, and ever more delightful as newer and newer players accumulate. This November will, if all goes according to plan, see the "final" release of Minecraft, but Mojang intends to keep adding to it indefinitely. So here's to many more years, Minecraft...and many more players.


Reech said:


One thing that has surprised me the other day, is walking just a little way from the spawn point, into NewTown, which now has a clock tower! It actually feels like a proper town.

I'm considering adding NPCs around there using some mods on the server as well now - but I also want to wait and see what the Adventure Update will bring...

VoiceOfGosh said:

Your server has always looked like so much fun! I'm a big Minecraft fan and I love checking in to your MCMondays! Keep on punching trees!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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