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Playing Dress Up With The Guild


Are you a fan of The Guild, Nerd Princess Felicia Day's hit web series about a lovable gang of socially awkward MMORPGamers? Do you own an Xbox 360? Are you a fan of playing dress up?

Well have I got news for you!

Available today in the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace are costumes made after the series' six main characters: Codex, Bladezz, Clara, Vork, Tinkerballa, and Zaboo. Also on sale are Clara's wand, Codex's staff, and Zaboo's staff.

The best part, though, is that our friends at The Guild have gone out of their way to make each costume available for both male and female Avatars. So worry not gaymers who don't subscribe to Microsoft's gender binary; dudes can don Codex's skirt and ladies can rock Bladezz's chainmail! Kudos Guildies for being so inclusive!

Now I'm not one to saunter about town wearing heels and a skirt, I'm more of a flip flops and flannel type, but I have always wanted to be as fierce as Tinkerballa.

Well today I can be my Avatar can be! That's a start. Now I just need a tangible Tinkerballa costume and I'll be ready for The Guild's upcoming fifth season premiere.




Carl said:

Thanks for posting this, I didn't even know about this show. Loving it!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Carl on Playing Dress Up With The Guild: Thanks for posting this, I didn't even know about this show. Loving it!...

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