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Review: Little Cave Hero

Little Cave Hero Beta

We pretty much all know how Facebook games work, right? At least, if we have any interest in them (or Facebook, for that matter)

There is a base you build: this can be a town, lab, etc. Some let you even choose an avatar! Then there are the clicks. Click this building, out pops a star, some coins, and you start wondering if you are truly the ruler of this lovely place, or just a beggar for your next digital fix.

Little Cave Hero? Yes, it has those things. Does it have more? To some extent, yes it does.

Which is to say, you are the hero. The mayor of the town has you do all the work, because elected officials officiate. Or something like that. He mumbles so many words sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them. Mustaches.

The first draw to this game was not only that I had friends speaking highly of it, but that it has a sense of humor about it. Instead of just being cute in its pixel-y art and cute little king in whose heart lies a tyrant, the text often elicits a chuckle or two. After all, it's hard to take the game too seriously when it is both restricted by energy and waiting for it to refill, and laced with quests like going into dungeons to find mustache cream.

In fact, the dungeons are what I like the most, and not merely because they are a click everything fest. Instead, they often have small puzzles, and for the ones that do not have any quests? The goal is to get to the treasure in the least amount of clicks possible. It's all those logic puzzles thrown back at me. Then, of course, you can destroy everything to your heart's content to get even more money and experience.

Then there are friends. While the typical gift, request, and visit functions work as anticipated, trolling towns is a good way to get more energy, which extends play. More friends, more energy, more play. A useful tip if you want to play, and have many friends, is to leave out some destructible items, as your friends can mine them away to their heart's content and they won't actually disappear. It may ugly up your town, but it's not really your town. You're a spelunker. You like caves.

If you do want to pretty up your town, there is a small little pixelated build-your-own option, similar to the tool used in 3D Dot Game Heroes.

It's a fun diversion when just advancing the story bit by bit, and a useful head-scratcher when I have a quick second to go spelunking (a word I really do love).


Keith said:

Cave Story Hero?

VorpalBunny said:

Bah, Little Cave Hero. Should've made sure I checked the body again. All these silly hero title names never stay in my head (had to look up 3D Dot Game Heroes as well).

PixelPoet said:

Vorpal, you can now pass me in level, because the leveling curve in that game is horrendous as well as the production of some items. I love the puzzle part of the cave, but it gets annoying when I get to caves that have 1-2 bridge points and it takes 10+ hour and a ton of gold to make a bridge... It seems as though the designer for dungeons and that of crafting/production were not on the same page.

It's kept me this long though for the reasons you stated: Clever writing, simplistic design, and cool extras.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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VorpalBunny on Review: Little Cave Hero: Bah, Little Cave Hero. Should've made sure I checked the body again. All these silly hero title names never stay...

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