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Rocketcat Previews Mage Gauntlet For iOS

Developer Rocketcat has gotten a lot of mileage out of hooks the past few years, releasing Hook Champ, Hook Worlds, and Super Quick Hook in the App Store to (reasonably) great acclaim. That's a whole lot of swinging for one little company, so you can't blame them for changing things up a bit. Enter Mage Gauntlet, an action RPG that ditches the whole hooking thing but keeps the 16-bit-inspired look. You play a young woman with a magical gauntlet, trying to earn a place as a wizard's apprentice by taking on a series of quests. Take a peek at the video above to get an idea of what to expect - fans of SNES-era Square games might be intrigued, although the game promises "more action, less grinding."

The game's due out for iPhone in August, and while the regular price will be $2.99, early adopters can knock a buck off, as well as snag some extra goodies like hats (!) and an in-game pet.

[via Touch Arcade]

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