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The Bright Side: Wii Edition


There's a ton of apathy among gamers today. Everyone's tired of shooters, nobody's interested in anything that's releasing from the major developers, there's sequel-itis everywhere and life sucks. You know what I think sucks? Saying that everything sucks. I am tired of all the negativity, so I'm going to be doing a little miniseries that looks on "The Bright Side" of gaming. Hit the break to begin the end of your misery!

zelda-skyward sword

The Wii's not dead. True, North American gamers aren't getting three of the system's most high-profile games, but there is still a lot to look forward to on the system. Take a look at some of the games coming out for Wii this year that have me totally psyched, and maybe you'll realize that your Wii deserves to be dusted with the rest of your doorstops furniture.

Kirby Returns to Dreamland
Just a year after the lovely and fun Kirby's Epic Yarn, Nintendo is doing the unthinkable and giving gamers yet another helping of Kirby in Kirby Returns to Dreamland (formerly Kirby Wii). Unlike last year's entry, this game features more traditional Kirby gameplay in the vein of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Inhaling enemies to mimic their powers, shooting energy stars and drop-in multiplayer (King Dedede, Meta Knight and others) make this a really promising, classic Nintendo experience.

Rhythm Heaven
Um, guys? It's Rhythm Heaven! For Wii! Anyone who's played the original on the DS should instantly be excited to know that there's a new edition coming out for the Wii. From the zany and incredibly colorful graphics to the addictive gameplay and the brilliant music, this is a game that needs to be on your radar if you're looking for something offbeat and new.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Obviously, this is the biggest Nintendo game of 2011 and deserves to be in everyone's Wii when it releases later this year. The newest entry in the legendary series follows Link and Zelda in an adventure that takes place before The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and features the forging of the Master Sword. It's also MotionPlus exclusive and has gorgeous graphics that make up for the generic Twilight Princess... *ducks as tomatoes and bombs are thrown*

In this gamer's opinion, these games alone would be enough for me to enjoy my Wii for months to come, but there's also some great third-party games coming too!

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
Published by Natsume, the latest entry in the Harvest Moon spinoff series looks to be yet another deep RPG/farming sim with beautiful graphics and fun, creative gameplay.

Fishing Resort
Okay, SonicDream, quit the trolling - a FISHING GAME? Yes, sweethearts, a fishing game. By YUJI NAKA. The man who made Sonic. Ever since starting his development company, Prope, Naka has been releasing deceptive games - Let's Catch, for example - that are much, much deeper than they seem. This game promises to let the player join a community of characters who love to fish and explore the island freely. XSEED Games is publishing this title in the Fall.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Game
Before you all storm the GayGamer castle demanding I be fired, hear me out. This movie tie-in is being created by Ubisoft Montpellier, led by amazing game designer Michel Ancel. Ancel has already proven to be capable of making something special out of movie licenses with his King Kong adaptation a few years ago, and this 2.5D platform adventure looks to continue the trend of quality titles coming from Ubisoft's best division.

That's not all, Wii owners! Other games in the pipeline for the Wii include Fortune Street, Rayman Origins, X-Men: Destiny, Spider-Man: Edge of Time and Bit.Trip Complete are all shaping up to be worthy of your time. I know we're ignoring the rainbow elephant in the room (sigh, Xenoblade) but I really think that the Wii still has some life in it. Color this gamer excited.

What other topics do you think deserve a walk on The Bright Side? Let me know! In the meantime, hit the gallery to see some of the upcoming stuff you can look forward to:

kirby_wii_02_thumb.jpegFishing Resort Boxshot.jpegThe-Legend-of-Zelda-Skyward-Sword0141.pngrune_factory_tides_of_destiny_boxart-210x300.jpeg


CPFace said:

First of all, I love the concept. There is way too much negativity and cynicism among video game fans, and I'm looking forward to future installments. I'm afraid I don't have any ideas to offer for said future installments though, sorry. :)

Secondly... Wow. Thank you for giving me the heads up about Fishing Resort. It probably would have completely escaped me otherwise. See, the problem I've had with fishing games is a lack of context. Real-world fishing is about more than just casting and reeling; it's about time someone (besides Natsume) put together a fishing game that takes place in a free-roaming world like that.

blackboy said:

Wasn't the original rhythm heaven a GBA japan only game? I mean, it's there on the intarwebs, and I've played it, and it was awesomesauce

Rosa said:

My god, this site is so Nintendo skewed.

I don't and never will have a Wii, am *I* allowed to complain about the current state of games?

SonicDream said:

Hey Rosa,
Future installments are going to feature a wide array of topics, not just Nintendo. And you're always allowed to complain about the state of games, I'm just trying to show the good side of things :)


Limeade said:

I think I would be looking on the 'brighter' side if the games I was interested in didn't also let me down.

Rune Factory. Gender choice - awesome. Less bachelors and uniqueness than the bachelorettes - not awesome. I'd like same-sex marriage too.

X-Men Destiny. Choice-driven mutant game - awesome. Three pre-defined characters instead of being able to custom make your own for the story - not awesome. Two of those three characters are white muscular dudes #presumably straight at that#, lacking diversity - not awesome. Aimi is a ninja waif Japanese schoolgirl cliche - not awesome #being asian myself the standard gets tiring#.

I want to be psyched for some of the things in the list, I just have many other qualifiers and expectations in my games.

Mikey said:

I don't remember the last time I used my Wii. That's sad. There are ZERO games out there for it now, and it's been like that for a year. Everything is a god damned party game for 5 year olds, or an on-rails shooter.

MattMyx said:

Yeah, welcome to the wasteland that 3rd parties built. There's been many great games on the system, but hell if the 3rd parties want anything to do with it. Even when they succeed they still moan .

Nostromo said:

I agree with Rosa. The over-pouring of love and affection for Nintendo is way too overwhelming on this site. I feel like you guys might as well call it

I remember when this site had a balance of writers who wrote great articles about ALL of the companies. Now, it's just pro Nintendo and Microsoft and negative everything about Sony.

You want "The Bright Side"? How about starting with you and your fellow writers being more positive and open-minded towards ALL of the game companies. There's a ton of great games worth playing out there and not just on one system.

MattMyx said:

Wow, sounds like some people completely missed the point of the article. Is this a "hater's gonna hate" moment?

AgentPolo083 said:

I agree with MattMyx. It seems as if more than a few people missed the point of the article. This is simply the Wii edition, there will be other "The Bright Side" articles, the first one just happened to be the Wii Edition.

Rosa said:

To my credit, I not even anti-Nintendo. Loved the GCN, the SNES remains my favourite console of all time, my DS gets a lot of legwork, and Mario 3 is the greatest game ever made. But I'm not a Nintendo fan, either -- nor a Sony fan, nor a Microsoft fan. I go where the games I want to play are.

I love this site! I love the writers, I love the articles, I love the podcast, I love the people. But aside from SuperSwede, everyone is very much committed to Nintendo and it shows constantly. You feel like you need to be a Nintendo loyalist to fit in on this site. Otherwise, the articles always feel like they're being written for a different audience. This site is about being LGBT and into video games.

Maybe I'm imagining it, but I lost my poop a bit when I went "aw, yeah! Positive thinking about the current state of games! I can get behind that!" And then I clicked the link and it was all about the Wii with no clarification (until comments) that it was targeted anywhere else.

Not trying to be negative, really. Just frustrated. This is the closest thing I have to a gaming home. It sucks to feel shut out of it, sometimes.

SonicDream said:

Thanks for the comments everyone! As for the article being about Nintendo, I always meant for this to be a series of articles focusing on one topic at a time. The next few run the gamut of gaming, so keep reading!

Mikey said:

Erm, I've seen a lot more Xbox and PS3 stuff on this site than Nintendo.

wohdin said:

Whenever someone tells me that there are "no games" on the Wii, I usually send them here:

It tends to shut them up lol. But then they have a tendency to say stuff like "but those are all kids games" or "those games are too 'bright'", as if something can't be called a "video game" anymore unless it's saturated with brown, bloom and firearms. But I think this type of game is exactly what we need MORE of - stuff that's NOT hyper-realistic, NOT hyper-violent, and genuinely unique in its presentation and design. Many "big" games nowadays absolutely fail at this, because the "Call of Halo Wars" formula is the one that everyone thinks brings in the big bucks (and in a way, it kind of does), but it's virtually impossible to make one's wedge in that genre stick like, well, Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears of War do.

The titles you list here, both from classic and new franchises, are all certainly "bright". And are all, arguably, "kids' games". But what, pray tell, is wrong with that? Why is enjoying a Zelda game as an adult some kind of grave sin, according to these hype-realism-obsessed Bloom-bergers? We were ALL kids at one point. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in, nor is there anything wrong with, reliving that childhood innocence that can be found in such games. And I want to punch people who say that these games are not "challenging", as they have obviously never played Taiko no Tatsujin.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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