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Checking In For Queens

New York, New Yorkers, it's time to represent your borough. A fun little "mod" for the ubiquitous Foursquare has been made called World of Fourcraft where residents of NYC's various boroughs can start claiming whole parts of the city for themselves. As a resident of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island, when you check in somewhere in the city, you try to stake claim to the area where you check in. When enough people from your borough check in at the same part of town, you claim that zone for your team. It's a little like Risk, but without having to try to figure out how to successfully defend Asia.

I don't really get Foursquare. I tried it for a while, but for whatever reason its purpose just escaped me. Maybe it's because I just felt like updating my Facebook status served the same purpose. Or maybe it's because I knew I'd never become mayor of Bearbucks. Either way, I still am a little envious of this treat for New Yorkers as it would get me to load the app up once again. But then again I'm not sure how well a World of Fourcraft for San Francisco would work as we've got a ridiculous number of neighborhoods for 49 square miles. So I live vicariously through you, my Staten Island fairies! Go forth and claim the city as your own!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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