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Video: Tim Schafer Pitches A New Video Game

I've been a fan of Sesame Street for a good many years now (though I originally watched them in German), so the above video of Tim Schafer pitching a game to a bored executive-looking Cookie Monster is rather adorable.

Lest one think it is only geared toward children, it operates on a healthy dose of satire, with Schafer going on and on about making a game where you help zombies. The retort that zombies are so 2007 is perhaps a bit apt. While I am expecting a romping good time from Once Upon A Monster largely thanks to Wootini's coverage of it from E3), it is also perhaps telling that just being able to switch zombies to monsters is a solution--perhaps poking at the trend that games have ins and outs of who is a particularly good scape goat villain. Not even games, but media in general.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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