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Video: Wootini's Video Podcast #27

Right off the bat, I want to apologize for the audio quality of this week's vidcast. We're experiencing quite the brutal heat wave here in the Northeast, and I didn't want to turn off the air conditioning for anything. I know it's obnoxious, so if you choose to skip this one, I'll totally understand. All I talk about this week is the ending of L.A. Noire and where I think the story went off the rails, and the new Nintendo Video service, which leads into where I think the 3DS launch went wrong.


Definitely agreed that the 3DS launched too soon [even if, I personally do not care for Netflix or and 3D films in general].

And I am worried about even Fall / Winter for games, seeing as Kid Icarus and Luigi's Mansion 2 are already confirmed for next year now, and Paper Mario has been barely seen [which makes me think it may, sadly, be joining them].

That leaves a port in Starfox 64, Super Mario 3D [handheld Mario's aren't my cup of tea], and Mario Kart. Don't think there are many big Third Party titles coming this year either, other than Sonic Generations [Rush version] and a port in MGS3...

So yeah, whilst I still think the Wii U [could] be out everywhere mid next year - I'm getting the feeling that it really should be a Holiday release [if the 3DS is of any indication].

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Chosenoneknuckles on Video: Wootini's Video Podcast #27: Definitely agreed that the 3DS launched too soon [even if, I personally do not care for Netflix or and 3D...

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