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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Without any big events going on in Narnia, you really start noticing the little things that people say. Like Octavian here, gossiping about Derwin being a gossip. Um, hello kettle? This is the pot. Guess what you are!

Oddly, though, Octavian wasn't wrong. Make the jump and see!


See? Derwin really is a big gossip! I'm gonna have to be more careful about what I say to him in the future... don't want to have him start spreading rumors about me, too!


I was stunned when Curly caught my attention and told me that he'd talked it over with himself and wanted to move away. Really? You just had a conversation with yourself and made this massive life decision, Curly? You didn't think that maybe you should oughta talk to someone else? Like maybe me?

At least his mind was easy to change. I just asked him not to go and he was all, "Oh, well, if you're gonna cry about it..." I wasn't crying! It was raining!


In the interest of keeping my neighbors happy, when Lolly mentioned that she was locked out of her house because she'd lost her key somewhere, I happily went fishing in the rivers for it. Thankfully I got it on my first try, so I didn't have to waste hours trying to find it. Not that Lolly is as awesome as Peanut, but still... I don't want her to leave as quickly as Pinky did!


I'm getting really sick of trying to find the last handful of paintings for the museum. Since there aren't many left, I mostly find duplicates in Redd's back alley shop in the city. They have to be duplicates, right? If I've got the originals in the museum. And when I finally found one that I've never seen before, I happily bought it and brought it to the museum where freakin' Blathers almost has a coronary when he inspects it and finds that Redd's still peddling in the cheap stuff. One of these days Redd's gonna get what's coming to him... You know what they say about karma...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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