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Black Ops: Now With More Zombies

Much like our lumbering, groaning friends, video game companies have been mindlessly putting out zombie-themed games and expansions. Appropriately, we consumers have responded by devouring all this content as though it were made of delicious, delicious brains. Part of it is undoubtedly the fact that zombies are the fad of this era, and one day we will look back on this particular footnote in gaming history will the same amused chuckle those of my generation reserve for Zubaz. Mainly though, it's because zombie games are fun - in fact, I would go so far as to say they're rather fun.

In the spirit of "doing things that make money," the kids over at Treyarch are are preparing you, gentle gamer, for another trek into the horrifying world of undeath. Rezurrection (spelled with a Z, because it seems quirky), the forthcoming DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops features four World at War maps, as well as a new map called "Moon." As one might expect, Moon takes place on that round, floaty thing in the sky - the one that isn't the Sun - adding a new twist to the game by introducing low and zero gravity conditions. Contrary to the notion that with decreased speed comes easier gameplay, the developers say that the altered gravity provided a greater challenge, owing to the difficulty in bounding about the room like some acid-headed Cirque du Soleil performer.

At some point I'll end up playing it - one of my fervently pro-zombie buddies recently picked up his copy of Black Ops - and I'm eager to give Rezurrection a shot. Whether the joy of laying waste to undead legions will trounce the frustration of having my backside thoroughly handed to me, however, remains to be seen.

Black Ops: Resurrection will be available Aug. 23 "on Xbox 360 first."

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Jeff said:

Zombies are the perfect video game villain, so it makes sense they're all over the place, whether in zombie-themed games, or expansions/mods.

Think about it: games usually involve one person (or a small group of people) combating a never-ending army of easy-to-kill, easy-to-predict bad guys. Pacing and mood and genre vary wildly, but whether you're hopping on goombas, blasting robotic animals, or gunning down a foreign army, what you're essentially fighting are dressed-up zombies.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Jeff on Black Ops: Now With More Zombies: Zombies are the perfect video game villain, so it makes sense they're all over the place, whether in zombie-themed games,...

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