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Gallery: Can You Save Amy?


This fall, Lexis Numerique is planning to release the survival horror title Amy on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Amy takes place in 2034 in the small town of Silver City, where natural disasters have left the land in ruins and a deadly virus has done the same to humanity. You will play Lana, who wakes up in a city now infested with wild creatures and enemies. As the virus begins infecting you, you must escape the hellish nightmare. Everything changes, though, when you encounter Amy, an eight-year-old autistic girl with odd powers. Your choices will affect both their lives, and you must fight or run from the monsters, demons and military in the hopes of saving each other, and perhaps all of humanity.

Now, I'm all over survival horror, as long as it's heavy on the horror like classic Silent Hill and less with the action like Resident Evil of late. But the fact that you've got this little girl in tow makes me fear that Amy could end up being one big escort mission, and those are rarely ever any fun. On the plus side, however, Amy is directed by Paul Cuisset, who was responsible for Flashback. So that's kind of a point in its favor. We'll find out for sure when Amy is released in a few months!


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