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Everybody Will Be Kung Fu Fighting


UTV Ignition has revealed that they're working on a Kinect title for the Xbox 360 that will immerse you in the game in a whole new way. Kung Fu High Impact is a side-scrolling brawler like you've probably played a bajillion times, but this time around, they've used the Kinect's motion-tracking ability to actually insert you in the game so you'll see yourself in real-time on the screen interacting with objects and enemies in the game.

The game will be out in November for $40, and like many Kinect games, could be a lot of silly fun. Of course, looking at the screenshots below, you can see that it's kind of awkward to play a side-scrolling game while facing the TV. You probably won't ever really be looking at your opponents! Although I'm really curious how they pull off that shot above, which is from what I would presume to be a cutscene. Because that's pretty cool.



Nick R said:

I think I played this on the PS3 and found it to be a complete waste of time. But then again, maybe the Kinect's uber-hyper sensitive camera can do a better job.

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Nick R on Everybody Will Be Kung Fu Fighting: I think I played this on the PS3 and found it to be a complete waste of time. But then...

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