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Google Readying Chrome Gaming?


Google, like Apple, has a habit of just sort of unleashing enormous products - that is, not hyping for years, or dropping unsubtle hints like they were bad habits, but announcing a product that's not far off the horizon...a product that may have been quietly in the works for some time. Sometimes that works for them (just about every iPhone iteration), and sometimes it doesn't (Buzz). So it's not going to go unnoticed that Google is sponsoring an HTML 5 conference coming up later this year:

It features two days of technical sessions and case studies from developers and publishers who brought their games to the web platform. Sessions will focus on the technologies that have elevated the browser-based gaming experience...

What's up with HTML 5? Well, there are those who believe that HTML 5 will be the next big thing for developing portable games. Why should Google care? Well, because sooner than later Chrome will most likely be the browser-of-choice for the Android platform. It would make sense, after all, for Google to leverage its browser through its wildly popular OS.

But what's up with the games thing? An article at Conceivably Tech neatly sums it up: Your Chrome browser could be running your favourite cloud-based gaming experiences (and Google has been big on pushing cloud tech for some time now). Indeed, while it's not going to be this year's big innovation, cloud gaming is coming soon. In fact, it's already here, and it looks like Google might be trying to get in early on the bandwagon with HTML 5.


Shin Gallon said:

Chrome will never be my default browser, at least not until they put in a bookmarks sidebar like Firefox (and even IE!) have.

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Shin Gallon on Google Readying Chrome Gaming?: Chrome will never be my default browser, at least not until they put in a bookmarks sidebar like Firefox (and...

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