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Google+ Plus Games


I don't know if you're on Google+ or not, but if not, you're at least aware of the fledgling social network. There are things about it I really like, but the main drawback right now is that it's simply not as big as Facebook. At least, not yet. Right now, Google+ feels like the slightly more exclusive party where it's just me and my friends, without my family intruding on things. But what I like about it most is what it does differently from Facebook. Unfortunately, it seems like there's one less difference because they've now added games.

BioWare has announced that their Facebook game, Dragon Age Legends is now available on Google+. I'm not sure how they expect to reach more players by doing this, since I'd imagine that anyone on Google+ who would be inclined to play Dragon Age Legends would probably have already played it on Facebook. Although I'm sure that there must be at least a couple people who are on Google+ and never were on Facebook.

Social gaming startup Funzio has also launched Crime City on Google+, adding to the roster of games on the social network. With more to come, I'm sure. Personally, I never played games on Facebook, and am more than a little irritated to see them popping up on Google+. Hopefully Google will make them just as easy to block from your news feed as Facebook does!


Luiz said:

There's no need to block anything -- all game information, including game requests and posts, are in a separate tab. They never show up in your main Stream or anywhere outside of the games tab, so they can be invisible to you if you want.

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Luiz on Google+ Plus Games: There's no need to block anything -- all game information, including game requests and posts, are in a separate tab....

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