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If They Were Books


Do you ever remember going to the school library, browsing through the various books available to see if anything looked interesting? Remember coming across some of the well-worn older ones in the fiction section that had ambiguous, monochromatic illustrations printed on the cover? Remember how they seemed a little cheap but at the same time carried a bit of an enticingly creepy ambiguity about the story within? UK artist AJ Hateley certainly does and has created several as a part of his/her (I'm really not sure of AJ's gender; the Tumblr blog is ambiguous) project on Tumblr called "Thirty Days of Video Games." The illustrations are fantastic and do a magnificent job of evoking that slightly eerie-yet-fascinating vibe that some old fiction paperbacks have and cover a wide swath of games, like Super Mario Land, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, and Shadow of the Colossus (which is my personal fave of the bunch so far). Head on over to the Tumblr blog and give the artwork a look-see, and you lucky UK residents can even buy prints starting at the low, low price of £1.50.

And I will express personal gratitude in some presently unspecified-yet-enthusiastic and moderately publicly inappropriate way to the person who makes Majora Quest Series: A Link Adventure Novel a real thing.


kirasakuya said:

aj is a female, and you can purchase cards-prints. the cards are the cheapest while prints range from $23-$99

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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kirasakuya on If They Were Books: aj is a female, and you can purchase cards-prints. the cards are the cheapest while prints range from $23-$99...

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