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It's Storm Season For Fruit Ninjas!


If you read my review, you might recall that I think Fruit Ninja Kinect is the greatest Kinect game since Dance Central. And while I'm happy to purchase new songs for Dance Central, I'm not entirely sure about DLC for Fruit Ninja Kinect.

But Halfbrick has released "Storm Season," which contains a special Storm Castle background, the Rain Man Shadow player silhouette and the Lightning Bolt Blade. And for the Achievement whores out there, there's three more included in the DLC worth 50 more points.

Honestly, a lightning bolt blade sounds like it would be pretty fun, but is it worth two bucks? (160 Microsoft Points) I don't know. I probably wouldn't really use the background, but the shadow might be neat. (Hard to tell until you see it in motion.) Then again, it's only a couple bucks... I'm torn.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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