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Iwata Asks: Star Fox 64 3D


There's a new Iwata Asks article up over at the Nintendo website where Nintendo president Satoru Iwata conducts a roundtable interview with Mitsuhiro Takano, Yusuke Amano, Dylan Cuthbert and Shigeru Miyamoto to discuss the upcoming 3DS game Star Fox 64 3D. Yes, it turns into a bit of a promo for the title towards the end, but early on, there are some rather interesting tidbits to discover about the history of Star Fox.

Like, for instance, how there was almost a Star Fox 2 that used a Super FX Chip 2? Or how Miyamoto apparently hoped to do a Thunderbirds-style puppet show featuring the Star Fox characters? Or how come they're animals to begin with? All the answers can be found by following this link!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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