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Konami's New York Gaming Day


Today, Konami held a special press showcase for a bunch of their upcoming titles, and unfortunately, I couldn't get the day off of work from my real job, so I had to go afterwards, which left me with less than an hour to check things out. So unfortunately, it wasn't terribly informative or enlightening, but on the plus side, it was pretty much what they had at their E3 booth as far as I could tell. But I'll talk about what I did play after the jump...

First, I watched a couple of guys struggle to play Blades of Time, which is an action game coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012. Luckily, a Konami employee appeared to help explain what the heck we were supposed to do next. This is the game that I talked about in the E3 write-up where you can rewind time to go back and get help from your previous self. Unfortunately, this was an early build, so that ability wasn't actually accessible in the demo. Also awkward was that when I finally got my hands on it, simply walking around was pretty jittery. Although locking onto an enemy in the air and then pressing the dash button to lunge at them and take them down with a melee attack was pretty speedy. Actually, so speedy that I got confused and couldn't tell where the hell I was anymore. (I was also told that they're working on the camera, still.) At the end of the demo, you have to ward off a constant onslaught of ogre-like creatures while shooting down these things up in the air with your gun. The problem is that the solution to this is to use your past self to keep the creatures busy while your present self shoots down the floating ones. Of course, being an early build, that wasn't possible in the demo. Which makes me wonder why you'd even demo it if the core gameplay mechanic isn't even working.

Next, I wanted to see if the Silent Hill: Downpour demo was different than the one at E3. It wasn't. Although playing through it again, away from the flash and spectacle of the show floor, I was struck by how plain the graphics were looking. Not that they're bad, but they're just not as impressive as you might have expected. Again, this is probably a really early build and it will improve before release. At least, I hope so. I didn't encounter any combat in this demo, so I can't speak to those controls. But just walking around and stuff was kind of clunky, and boy, this guy can't run to save his life! He's so slow! It's maddening! At least later when a crazy wall of death energy is chasing you, the pace seems to pick up a bit. Also, a good portion of the Silent Hill experience was missing because you couldn't hear the game soundtrack or voices, just the music playing in the bar.

Last, I didn't actually play, but watched as a couple of guys played Leedmees, which was one of the surprises from my E3 visit. It's a Kinect puzzler for the 360 where you move your arms to create bridges for these adorable little people to pass through stars and go from the entrance gate to the end one. Sadly, they had it set up in the back of the bar and the lighting was kind of crap, which is why I think they were struggling to play it. I didn't have any trouble when I played the game at E3. Although I did discover that you can toss them onto platforms (something I hadn't tried myself) and they even leave little rainbow trails when you do! Adorable! Although you have to be careful, because handling them too roughly will cause them to explode in a little shower of sparks. Aw...


Rahat said:

Those two guys struggling at that game if it weren't so glitchy as hell! lol.

That and if they didn't decide to take 4 glasses of whiskey.

Haha, It was nice meeting you! Hope to see you again!

Briker Ed said:

Uhhh.... I don't like what I'm hearing about SH: Downpour, I hope the final product is worth all the nail biting. I'm currently in Prague and I swear, if they mess it up horribly, I'm going to drive to Brno to Vatra's HQ with a pitchfork on my backseat :P

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Briker Ed on Konami's New York Gaming Day: Uhhh.... I don't like what I'm hearing about SH: Downpour, I hope the final product is worth all the nail...

Rahat on Konami's New York Gaming Day: Those two guys struggling at that game if it weren't so glitchy as hell! lol. That and if they didn't...

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