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New Rage Trailer

When Rage was first announced, I recall hearing those two bitter words: racing game. My fond childhood memories of having the fear of God put into me by Doom II (ever so long ago) quickly turned to resentment, and I denounced Carmack as a jerk, a sellout, and possibly a drug addict. Thankfully, subsequent previews painted a much different picture, showing a post-apocalyptic hellscape - an aesthetic we've all come to know and love over the years - with deranged wastelanders, impressive graphics, and most importantly, lots and lots of guns. While there sure to be some sort of racing-esque sections, I'm quite pleased that Id is keeping the ethos of its games: rampant FPS fun and frolic.

It's a rather simple equation: Bethesda makes me happy. Id Software makes me happy. When the twain meet, I find myself faced with a flutter of my boyish heart - one that my more well-adjusted friends tell me is something called "joy."

Yes, the whole post-apocalyptic scenario is quickly becoming as trite as zombies - the latter, however, has saturated the market to a truly obnoxious degree - but I'm a sucker for for all things desolate and grim. While the new trailer didn't impress me quite as much as past peeks into the whimsical world of Carmack, it's encouraging to see that, against all odds, Rage is not some kind of sick joke being spread out of Id's central office, purely to annoy me. Evidently the game has had such a long development cycle on account of graphical issues - Id aims to hit 60 fps on PC - but rest assured, Rage is coming. So I issue a surprisingly sincere salute to Carmack and Co. for getting back in the game - Doom and Quake served as my introduction to First-Person Shooters - choosing to set their latest lump of pixelicious wonder in the place my heart calls home: The smoldering ashes of a ruined humanity.

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