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SUPER iam8bit Upgrades In LA


I love it when one art form inspires works in another, be it a book inspiring a song, a song inspiring a dance, or a dance inspiring a video game. So naturally I'm all over the SUPER iam8bit art show in LA.

iam8bit is a company that started as an art exhibition in 2005 and has only grown in influence and popularity since. In addition to their almost-annual art shows (there were no shows in '09 or '10), iam8bit has partnered with various companies to produce gaming-related events and schwag. Remember the wonderfully awful Mega Man 9 box art? That was them. So were the Tricell Progenitor Virus Detection Kit and the Tron Evolution vinyl soundtrack.

If I've sold you on attending the exhibition, it will be showing in Los Angeles, CA at 2147 W. Sunset Blvd. from August 11 through September 10th. Event press release details after the break.

SUPER iam8bit
Opening Night Extravaganza
August 11, 2011
7pm to 11pm

All-night ambiance by DJ R-Rated
With special performances by Leeni and A_Rival

Over 100 artists will reimagine their 80's gaming fantasies, delusions and secret desires via all sorts of media - painting, sculpture, plush, and even some more interactive experimentation. Highlights include:

  • A special tribute to Galaga's 30th anniversary featuring the world's largest "arcade cabinet"

  • The transformation of the entire gallery into an 80's gaming wonderland by designer decal collective BLIK

  • An interactive, "retro-fied" Kinect hack from Double Fine super-artist Drew Skillman

  • And much, much more!

Homepage - [iam8bit]


Kevin said:

My work is going to be showing there! It's gonna be so thrilling!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Kevin on SUPER iam8bit Upgrades In LA: My work is going to be showing there! It's gonna be so thrilling!...

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