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Video: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Behind The Scenes

The Resistance series has always been really desperate for you to love its multiplayer. The last game in the series, it bragged about its 60 person multiplayer mode and unique co-op campaigns, both of which ended up being kind of broken not long after gamers got their hands on them. For Resistance 3, it looks like they've scaled back their ambitions a bit, creating something of a class-based system, minus the actual classes. Instead you can level up a bunch of different abilities and skills: passive ones like better accuracy, active ones like radar decoy, and gross ones like giant killer maggots jumping out of your corpse. Some of the abilities seem pretty standard for shooters these days, but a few could be interesting. I just wonder how much you have to commit to one or two, or if it will be possible to respec your multiplayer profile without too much trouble. Hopefully this time Insomniac will be able to build a community of players, instead of just coming off kind of clingy.

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