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Walmart Accidentally Cuts 360 Price


Oops. Somewhere, in the belly of Walmart HQ, a lone soul is clutching his last paycheck, drinking from his flask and waiting for the executioner - Walmart's CEO, wearing a Walmart "smiley face" mask - to deliver a single shot to the back of the head, like some acid-headed reenactment of the closing scene from Orwell's "1984."

Indeed, the prolific mega-store/future ShinRa-esque, corporate monstrosity has experienced what those in the 'biz call "clerical error," with the Xbox 360/Kinect bundle in a recent circular. The console was mistakenly brought down from $299 to $249, despite rumors on the web that could have served as warning that could (or one might say, should) have brought the matter to the company's attention. So how does Walmart plan to rectify the error? Luckily, for with those fat wallets and fast cars with which to transport said wallets, the company is planning to honor the sales - while supplies last, of course.

While it is a bit surprising to the lay person that the company didn't correct the error, it's not altogether surprising. Having worked in retail for most of my adult life, I know that these ads are usually printed several weeks in advance - my nameless corner of proletarian purgatory is currently advertising an item that no longer exists - so it seems the company has simply decided to take the hit, rather than attempting some kind of last-ditch, "make everyone angry to save some money" approach.

The offer runs through September 5th, so for those who have yet to purchase one of these nifty devices, feel free to strike while the iron's hot. When Sally gets that layoff notice, she'll know precisely who to blame. Jerk.

via Destructoid

Image via Joystiq

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