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Wheatley Puppet: The Apex Of Awesome (Video)

Video game fandom takes many forms. Some of it is simple, such as making sketches of your favorite character, or being the 942nd person to put footage from Advent Children to an Evanescence song (seriously, people) on YouTube. Somewhat more advanced is cosplaying, as illustrated by a Barret costume made out of cardboard boxes, or a petite woman doing an eerily convincing (and well-acted, to boot) Raziel.

Then, we have Wheatley. There's a shortage of game-related arts & crafts, excluding that which goes into cosplaying, so its interesting to see a project that not only fits the bill, but does so with an absurd amount of skill. Some talented young soul took the liberty of uploading a video of this creation, which works very well Stephen Merchant's (the voice of Wheatley) stream-of-consciousness babbling. Not only do we get a highly-detailed model of everyone's favorite snarky, British robot, but the creator is able to operate the eye and eyelids independently. The result, as you make have guessed from the none too subtle title of this article, is most impressive indeed. For information as to how this masterpiece came to be, check out the "Furin Cosplay" blog, which contains pictures, sketches, and an account of the manufacturing process. The creator has also provided a link to a deviantart account, which has a few more lovely pictures.



Shin Gallon said:

This is the best anything ever. Period.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Shin Gallon on Wheatley Puppet: The Apex Of Awesome (Video): This is the best anything ever. Period....

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